From a dreamer to an achiever, the evolution didn’t take so long but acquired through oodles of hard work, diligence and conviction by Imran Abbas. Nonetheless, his talent, obsession for his work and focus on his career path, without paying heed to the hurdles, contributed the most to enlist him in the league of the most successful, eminent and sought after actors of the recent times.

            Born and raised in Islamabad ,Pakistan, the city famous for its natural beauty, Imran was always inspired by nature.The nature casted its spell on this young child and he reflected it to the world through different forms of arts. Cynosure since his childhood , Imran was the youngest in his family which helped him follow his dreams, gave him the confidence to experiment with his imaginations , explore the world and take risks in life. The artist, within him ,found his manifestation through expressive paintings, classical singing , amazing poetry, achieving degree in architecture by one of the leading universities in Asia and, last but not the least ,successful modeling and acting which later became his claim to fame.

            Noticed , appreciated and admired by every leading director, writer and production house, Imran soon became their first choice. This ardent admiration crossed the geographical boundaries within a few years since he started his career and made him express his talent in countless commercial campaigns, modeling assignments for local and multinational brands and numerous Tv projects which touched the heights of record breaking success, locally and internationally.

            Recently his career took a new turn when, after being offered by dozens of prestigious film makers from Bollywood, Imran decided to work as a main lead actor in Bollywood’s first creature based, 3D flick  “Creature-3D”. The trendsetting movie is soon to be released globally and promised to be one of the films which are going to set a new milestone in Hindi Cinema.

                After “Creature-3D” Imran completed his second Bollywood film with legendry director Mr. Muzaffar Ali, the maker of Umrao Jan (1981) ."Jaanisar" (previously "Raqs") is a period film set in the background of Lucknow is going to be another feather in his crest in which Imran played the lead role of a Prince of Avadh.

            Imran feels humbled and blessed for not only what life has offered him but for being immensely loved by his fans and for being rooted enough to stick to his values, his basics and above all his spiritual connection to Divinity. The story doesn’t end here for him since he always believes in learning every moment, raising his bars, outdoing his previous achievements and challenging himself for something which seems impossible, unachievable to others. For him the “sky is the limit” and he is proving this idiom through his constant rising graph of better and better work, to the world and to his own self.